Hand made pottery by David Sieja

Most Artists have their “Artists Statement” on their Home page.  It explains what Art is to them, what they hope to accomplish through their art, and why their particular medium speaks to them.  Fortunately, I have a bit of a problem calling myself an artist so I don’t have to have a formal Artist Statement.  I kind of like “Semi-Pro Potter” as a descriptor. . . .


As way of an Semi-Pro Statement, Pottery to me has been an outlet to help maintain my perspective.  I prefer to  think of it as a ParrotHead and call pottery my One Particular Harbor.

I Know I don’t get there often enough

But God knows I surely try

It’s a magic kind of medicine

That no Doctor can prescribe

. . . . . . . . . .

A most mysterious calling harbor

So far and yet so near

Where I can see the day when my hairs full grey

And I finally disappear,

So by giving me a place to escape to, Pottery allows me to create with my hands, interact with some REALLY, REALLY, cool people, and at the end of a long day be able to say, “Yep, I created that and it may not be great but its pretty darn good.”


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